Take bird as god: Redpoll

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Redpoll is a common animal for decoration in ancient pagoda in Yun-nan, called “golden pheasant” by folks. There are four redpolls in tower top of ancient towers in Nanzhao Dali kingdom period, such as Three Pagodas of Chong Sheng Temple in Dali, Pagoda of Hong Sheng Temple, Buddhist Temple Tower in Shimonoseki, East Temple in Kunming, and White Pagoda of Dayao County in Chuxiong City, etc.

In 1978, when cleaning and repairing Three Pagodas of Chong Sheng Temple in Dali, heritage sectors found a silver redpoll in Chihiro Tower. It holds its head high and spreads the wings, standing at Lotus Agora, the artistic master-work in in Nanzhao Dali kingdom period.

In “General Annals of Yunnan” by Liyuan Yang Wanli, it reads: Three Pagodas of Chong Sheng Temp cast gold on the top respectively, with redpoll on its top. It has been handed down through generations that dragon preserves tower in nature, and Dali is called dragon pool in ancient times, therefore, which is used to suppress it. Redpoll is one of “Dragon Oath” in tantric Buddhism, the ancient Indian naming it "Karura". Redpoll is the embodiment of the sun and fire in Indian mythology. It is said through generations that redpoll lives under the foot of Buddhist Holy Mountain of Sumeru, feeding on snake.

The zone between Cang Sea and Erhai Lake is land flooded with water in ancient times, with frequent flood disasters. Mythology and legend of subduing and inhibiting dragons is one of the topics of mythology in Erhai Lake. With Buddhism into Erhai Lake, Bodhisattva Kong Kim of all Buddhas has been introduced in succession. Redpoll, as one of “Dragon Oath”, has become one of the significant Buddhism statues in Nanzhao Dali kingdom, thus among the Buddhism relics left in Nanzhao Dali kingdom period we can see at present, the image of redpoll appears again and again. There are a number of mythologies about “golden pheasant” among folks of Bai nationality currently, and some people even believe that it is the totem for people of Bai nationality. In effect, it is one of gods of A Chili Sect of tantric Buddhism, which is made clear by its linking with pagoda.

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