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Indian Monks, also known as "Brahman monk", is one of the common Guanyin statues in Nanzhao Dali period. Stone Bell Mountain caves Brahman monk total of four statues: one for the statue of a lion off the cliff, one for six decades sihou line Schaden Qing carved on the rocks like a bell for stone Temple area "sit toward finding different Mou map" line next carved images, one for line engraved like Schaden Qing District No. l Cave next.

Brahman monk off area like a lion, carved on top of nearly 40 meters high from the ground volley cliffs, remote viewer can only look up. It is locally known as "gambling ghost", being said that if hit with stones like this, it will be able to bring good luck. In July 1997, for this statue of accurate mapping, people build a working frame along the cliffs, to look more closely at Brahman monk countenance.

The statue is 169 cm, wearing soft towel cap, square forehead broad, Pekoe. Cheekbones in the middle, brow raised, sunken eyes, nose wide and collapse, wide shoulder earlobe. There is round head light after the head. Within the cross collar frock, bare right Waipi style robes, take partial right shoulder shirt, foot with boots. Right arm is outside the song, slightly upward move mudra, the left hand curve, with bottle in the stomach. Brahman monk bottom left of carving a dog, dog items line circle, ring the bell on there, as bend back like, watching Brahman monk. The upper left side of Brahman monk, that is, on the superior wall of the left shoulder of the statue, has announcement on one side.  

This is typical of Brahman monk statue, is one of the male Guanyin statue Nanzhao Dali Kingdoms period.

Among the rocks behind the Jia Temple, there is a moment of Brahman monk Yin statue, from view of statue practices; it has rough lines, seeming to be a random work. About this cut's image, there is no reliable evidence. Posing as one of the themes but Brahman monk Nanzhao Dali painting States Period stone is stone statue in Dali's earlier statues, thus carving era like this should not be too late, most likely also Nanzhao Dali Kingdom Period ruins.

The other two Brahman monk statues, Stone Bell Temple area that the line engraved image next to "different Mou sit toward map" and the line engraved image beside No.1 curve Schaden Qing District, is not the main shrines like, just like a random portrayal after curving the main shrine.

Among Nanzhao Dali State Buddhist statues, the Brahman monk is the most common type of Buddha statue. He is not only a major depicted object in "Nanzhao Figure Biography", but recurs in the "Zhang Sheng Wen painting Sanskrit like volume", Sichuan Liangshan Bo Shiwa black stone, tranquility Hokkeji caves, towers Tibetan Tantric Buddhist statue of A Chi sect. Today, Guanyin, provided by the Goddess of Mercy Guanyin temple in some areas of Yunnan, is also Brahman monk.

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