Sad face avalokitesvara

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No.5 grotto in Stone bell Temple area consists of three shrines in the left, middle and right. Shrine in the middle imitates the wooden structure of DianTang Temple, three main statues, twenty-five matching statues and 25 animal statues, 30 animal statues in total. The shrine is the quality article of architecture sculpture in grotto in Stone Bell Mountain. The shrine is of DianTang Temple architecture, Xu mizuo of rectangular waist as the bottom of the shrine, with column on the top of it, the top of the pillars mortising corbelling quare-column and bracket system, overlying roof. The pedestal, column, fold acerbity beam, stone mortise and tenon joint of the entire shrine are linked together, and seen from the overall architecture to the carving details, it is next to perfect, a strictly structured, delicately carved, exquisite and dignified DianTang Temple building of imitated wood structure.

Sitting statue in the middle of a shrine, sitting on the rocky Xu Mizuo by lotus positions, face being thin, zygomatic, space between the eyebrows swelling, eye socket concave, jaw reedy, with a note of melancholy. Sitting statue is engraved on the right side of a shrine, his right leg crossing the left leg by genuflection. Right hand touched his left foot, left hand holding scriptures, dressed in the robe of wide sleeve. One statue on the left side is seated on the Xu Mizuo, with wide sleeve robes, his hands holding a thing on his chest, feet in boots, stepping in front of Xu Mizuo stepped on the stage.

Scene curved inside the arch-shaped walls are carved like a cave shape, stalagmite drooping down at the top. The engraved things are either in the frontage or sideways. The top around the head of shrine carves the sun, the rest carving decoration of neat bottle, stupas, Buddha monks of the rod, Nazarite, and Buddhist, dog, peacocks and monkey with walking stick, and images of Buddhist pagoda for Nazarite.

About the identity of the statue of main shrine, some think that it is Vimalakirti, some maintaining that it is eminent monk of Zantuo Quduo in the Nanzhao period, some holding that it derives from a certain eminent monk in Dali, and even they called it Brahmanism eminent monk, but the more people call it the "sad face avalokitesvara", so this is still one of the major controversial grottoes in grotto Stone bell Mountain.

Overall, JianChuan Stone Bell Mountain grotto should be remains of grottoes Buddhist tantric A Chil sect. The grotto statues, with realistic style, are full of vitality. It holds a microphone in hand. According to the Buddhist scriptures, Vimalakirti takes a microphone in hand, but all who takes a microphone in hand is not necessarily Vimalakirti. It has curly hair, much like Indian monk's image. Among backgrounds inside the wall of shrine, there are twenty-five statues in all, which can be a Brahman monk, a dog, or one climbing mountain, footsteps, and a person who wears head capsule, besides the samantabhadra and the Buddha of immeasurable life. Therefore, from the perspective of the foil of the background, the Lord Buddha should be a Brahman monk.

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