Acarya Avalokitesvara

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Acarya Avalokitesvara is the unique bodhisattva statue in Nanzhao Dali kingdom period, Acarya Avalokitesvara statue in Stone Bell Mountain has appeared in the “sad face avalokitesvara grottoes in Stone Bell Mountain area and No.2 Cave in Sarden Qing Area.

There stands Acarya Avalokitesvara in No.2 Cave in Sarden Qing Area. Statue carved on a red sandstone foothill, with flat body, male surface, and flame as backlight for the whole body., Its left hand for comfort imprint, right hand holding switch. It wears a Buddha's crown, abiding in the top of Buddha in the middle, upper body naked, lower body with skirt, smocking dignified. It has wide shoulder of slender waist, barefoot, with two feet and ankles, two legs standing upright. Two arms are decorated by bracelet in round. . The Acarya Avalokitesvara of the cave and Acarya Avalokitesvara handed down from Dali kingdom are the same.

There are statue inscriptions of "veneration statues such as statue benefactor of a pharmacist Xiangfu Avalokitesvara" "veneration statues such as Gu'ai Dali Hu statue benefactor of a pharmacist Xiangfu Avalokitesvara" beside it. Buddhist pagoda engraved with shade line is built in two sides of main statues, with various shapes, but too much denudation makes the pagoda mostly possess shrine for a statue of the Buddha.

In the mid - 1980s, when building protection pavilions, cultural relics repair team, make the pavilion column stand in front of the statue due to its ways, with less than 10 cm distance in the middle. Nowadays, it is impossible to see the words, especially to conduct stone rubbing. However, if the statues can therefore be exempted from any bad luck of being conducted stone rubbings and be preserved for good, it is a great blessing.

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