Hall Fortuna

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In the Hall Fortuna, a 4m statue of the God of Wealth with golden jacket on a tiger was enshrined.

The God of Wealth with golden jacket was said to be Zhao Gongming. In the myth called The Investiture of the Gods, he once cultivated himself in Luofu Cave on Emeishan Mountain. Later, he rode a black tiger to help the evil king, Zhou Wang. After his death, he was given the honor of “God of Wealth” by Jiang Ziya.

It is also said that he was the Vaisramana in the north because he was also named “Shi Caitian” (equal to his Chinese name of the God of Wealth.)

Buddhism is always regarded by people as a holy land standing high above the masses and otherworldly. But people have common desires. In order to cater to the common people for their mental need of security and fortune, the statue was cast and enshrined.

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