Avalokitesvara Hall from the Bronze-fall

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From: Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple Author: Office

The figure of Avalokitesvara of the bronze-fall was cast in the 2nd Zhongxing Yearof Nanzhao (the 2nd Guanghua Year of Emperor Tang Zhaozong), 899AD. It was said that an eminent monk in Chongsheng Temple swore that he would spend his life funding for a statue of Avalostekitava to pray for the security of the nation and the citizens. “However, as the part of the shoulder of the figure was accomplished, the bronze prepared was used up. At that time the bronze is falling from the sky like rain. People there collected them and it was just the amount needed for casting the head of the figure.”(Travels of Xu Xiake). The statue is 3 zhang in height with a dignified look, slim waste and naked feet. It looks refined in shape and is one of the precious heritages of Nanzhao. In front of the Hall, there is a big bell in the veranda and there is respectively a small pagoda in the north and south of the courtyard. The Mother-Goddess is enshrined in the leakage pavilion of the hall. And opposite to the hall is a statue of Vedas. The layout of the entire hall is thus well-designed.

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