Jianji Grand Bell in Nanzhao

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Jianji Bell of Nanzhao got the name because the bell was cast in 871AD, the 12th Jianji Year. According to the Diary of the Trip to Yunnan written by Xu Xiake, “the bell is huge, several zhang in diameter and several chi in thickness and its sound can be heard 80 li away from it…” It, as one of the five treasures of Chongsheng Temple, was regarded as the Temple’s Most Precious Stuff like the three Pagodas. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during Xianfeng and Tongzhi Year (1856AD-1872AD) of Qing Dynasty in the chaos of war. The recast bell is a typical Buddhist bell which was designed by Beijing Ancient Bell Museum according to the historical materials and cast by Nanjing Chengguang Machine Factory. The bell contains upper and lower layers. The upper layer was decorated with the pattern of the six parami figures and the lower was decorated with the pattern of the heavenly kings. The bell is 3.86m high and 2.138m in diameter and weighs 16.295tons. The recast bell boasts to be the fourth biggest bell cast in China since the Opium War and the first biggest in Yunnan Province. It reproduces “The Buddhist Capital in the Sound of Bell” vividly, one of the 16 famous scenes in Dali as well as the sight of the poem “overlooking the sky, land and the self on the tower and awaking the past, present and future by the bell”.

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