Hall of Eminent Monks

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How many kings of the Kingdom of Dali have abdicated and converted to Buddhism? Some say ten and some say ten. There are 9 4m-high figures in the Hall of Eminent Monks. Why did the nine kings decide to become monks? It was probably due to the unification of the state and the Buddhism popular in the Kingdom of Dali. But there were also another four reasons for that as follows:

Firstly, the kings failed in the fights over power and were thus forced to become a monk. (e.g. Duan Siliang)

Secondly, their reign was not stable, so they had to quit the governess. (e.g. Duan Zhengyan)

Thirdly, the dictatorship made the people unsatisfied and they had to quit. (e.g. Duan Shouhui, Duan Zhengming)

Fourthly, it was the convention of Dali. “When the new king is enthroned, the former king should abdicate and become a monk in order to reassure the public.”The nine kings were:

Duan Siying: the 2nd king of Dali   

Duan Sufeng: the 8th king of Dali

Duan Suzhen: the 9th king of Dali  

Duan Silian: the 11th king of Dali

Duan Shouhui: the 13th king of Dali 

Duan Zhengming: the 14th king of Dali

Duan Zhengchun: the 15th king of Dali, the father of Duan Yu, one of the heroes in Tianlongbabu written by Jin Yong

Duan Zhengyan: the 16th king of Dali, also the prototype of Duan Yu, one of the heroes in Tianlongbabu written by Jin Yong

Duan Zhengxing: the 17th king of Dali

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