Nine-dragon Bathing Buddha

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Based on the myth of the Nine-dragon price as the theme, the Nine-dragon Bathing Prince Fountain is a landscape of the nine dragons and the prince engraved in the form of stone carving which is integrated with the high-tech fountain to present the audience an authentic effect of the bathing Buddha. According to the custom of ancient India, the women must go back to her parents’ home to give birth to her child. When Sakyamuni was born, Ms. Maya, his mother had a sudden thought of visiting the Lumbini Garden on her way to her parents’ home. When she happened to stand under the blossom sal tree, she felt ache in the stomach and had to support herself with a branch. Then the founder of Buddhism came out from her right rib. People later call it “birth under the tree”. In no time after his birth, he can walk. With every step of his, a lotus came out. People later call it “lotus with every step”. He pointed to the sky and the earth respectively with his right and left hands, which means “everything in both in the sky and on the earth is mine.” When he was born, nine dragons happened to pass by. They split water to bathe the prince. People later call it “nine dragons bathing from above”. And since the day he was born was April 8 according to the lunar calendar, it was regarded by people later as “Buddha’s Birthday” or “the Bathing Festival”.

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