Acarya Avalokitesvara Pavilion

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From: Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple Author: Office

In the middle of Acarya Avalokitesvara Pavilion which is a Tang-style triple-eave pavilion with dais surrounded by woods, there is a 12m high figure of Acarya Avalokitesvara enshrined. The figure looks special in its appearance of man-like body but women-like face. On the high-raised bun of the figure, there sits a statue of a dying Buddha. The figure has a delicate face with the thick hair bonded with the thin thread. It is given a pair of bright eyes, slim body. Its feet and the upper body are naked but it, looks graceful and dignified with a pearl necklace on the neck, armlet on the wrist and a Buddhist seal in his hand. Acarya Avalokitesvara, as the leading Avalokitesvara of the Vajyavara of the Bai Nationality, can only be found in Dali. It is also called “Lucky star of Yunnan”, “Avalokitesvara with slim waist” or “Dali Avalokitesvara”.

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