The bell in the tower, the witness of the vicissitudes of the Temple

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From: Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Temple Author: Office

In 1997, the Nanzhao Great Bell, the typical Buddhist bell and one of the five treasures of Chongsheng Temple, was recast according to the historical data. The body of the bell consists of the upper and lower layers with the upper decorated with six patterns of Parami and the lower decorated with the six paintings of the heavenly kings. The bell, 3.86m in height, 2.138m in caliber and 16.295 tons in weight, is the biggest bell cast in China since 1840. The bell which was hung in the Tang-style bell tower rebuilt on the original site reflects the three Pagodas, which can be illustrated with a line of poem as “The threes pagodas, experiencing the clouds and sunshine in the thousands of years; the bell in the tower, witnessing the winds and rains in the past dynasties.”The grand scene of the long-lost days of “overlooking the sky, land and the self on the tower and awaking the past, present and future by the bell” would reappear in front of the visitors..

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