Cultural relics of Tang and Song dynasties

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From 1978 to 1980, the largest-scale maintenance was conducted on the three Pagodas since Jiangjing Year of Ming Dynasty. About 680 Cultural relics from Nanzhao, the Kingdom of Dali were excavated then. It boasted to be the most abundant and significant batch of the relics from Nanzhao by far which attracted the wide attention of the realm home and abroad. The cultural relics on show including the hand-written Buddhist sutras, Buddhist texts, the Dharmakaya relics, the golden models of the three pagodas, the bronze mirror, jade and the crystal figures of Buddha guided people to experience the long process of the history, the flourish economy and brilliant cultures back to one thousand years ago in an instant, thus providing precious concrete materials for the study on the politics, economy, culture and Buddhist art during the Kingdom of Dali. 

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