Chongsheng Temple, an ancient pagoda with a history of over thousand years

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The three Pagodas which can be dated back to Tang and Song dynasties (Nanzhao, Dali Kindom) more than a thousand years ago are really one of the grand spectacles and the most valuable out of the five treasures of Chongsheng Temple. The three pagodas were arranged in the shape of an isosceles triangle with the giant one in the front. It is also called Chihiro Pagoda—the full name is Fajietonglingmingdaocheng Pagoda—which was established during Quanfengyou Period (823AD-859AD) of the Kingdom of Nanzhao. It is a 16-storied hollow square thick-eave brick pagoda with typical architectural style of Tang Dynasty. In front of the pagoda, there is a barnacle screen wall with four characters of “Forever guard our land” embedded in it. The characters were written by Mu Shijie, the grandson of Mu Ying, the Duke of Qian in the 11th Wangli Year of Ming Dynasty. The other two smaller pagodas which were established during Shaoxing Period (1131AD-1162AD)of Southern Song Dynasty were located in the southwest and northwest corners of the big one respectively. During that period, it was Duan Zhengyan (Duan Yu) and Duan Zhengxing who reigned the Kingdom of Dali. They are 11-storied hollow octagon pavilion-shaped brick pagoda with typical architectural style of pagodas of Song Dynasty.

The Three Pagodas in Chongsheng Temple, as one of the grand architectures with the longest history in the south China, were on the first list of the national key cultural relics protection units published by the State Council, the symbol of Dali, one of the national-best tourism cities, and the key human landscape of Dali nation-level scenic spots. The three are different from each other but look harmonious, depending on each other as if they were born to be a unity. Behind them is Cangshan Mountain which is covered year-long with snow and in front of them is the green rippling Erhai Lake. Together with the mountain and the lake, the three pagodas present an oriental beauty, natural and graceful.

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